About Us

Harry met Allan…

…. in 1994 when he walked into Allan and Joan Rodd’s health food store, The Pampered Pantry,  to sell his home made veggie burgers.


Allan liked Harry’s burgers and added them to the shop’s sandwich bar.   Unfortunately, supply ended a year later when Harry’ succumbed to Lupus in 1995, age 68.


Allan needed to create a replacement for this popular burger but had to start from scratch because no one knew Harry’s full recipe or method only the food allergy ingredients.


After much research and a little help from a retired friend, Allan’s innovative plant-based vegetable burger was created with 100% Australian vegetables and grains but no traditional soy or lentils.                                                                                                                                           


Allan named it the Natraburger®, which he designed especially for both Vegetarians and meat lovers (Meatarians) who he knew didn’t eat soy or lentil based foods.


Shop customers approved Natraburgers after 7 weeks taste testing and Allan moved production from home into the back room.of his health food shop.


Natraburgers received the Heart Association’s (Tick) so packaging was designed and they were formally introduced at the 1995  four day Sydney Fine Food Show. 


Over 300 enquiries were received from local, intrastate, interstate and overseas businesses and Uncle Harry’s Natural Foods P/L commenced business.


Production was moved into a new building behind the shop

but not all leads could be supplied immediately.



One lead, Coles supermarkets, became a customer with frozen Natraburgers being supplied initially to 6 Sydney supermarkets.


Eventually, deliveries were made to Coles DC (Distribution Centre) supplying over 70 NSW/ACT stores which continued for over 6 years.


Coles head office buyers kept changing and Natraburgers were eventually deleted.


Allan redesigned the box, hired a sales agent, and presented Natraburgers to Woolworths.  The buyer, Martine, said, “I know them, I’ve been eating them for years” and placed Uncle Harry’s in 120 NSW Woolworth’s stores where sales continued for two years until she left to start a family and Shane, the new buyer deleted them.


Woolworth’s then opened Thomas Dux 10 stores in Sydney and Melbourne headed by Martine. Four new Natraburger flavours in vacuum packs for chiller or freezer sale were introduced and accepted for the 10 stores.


In 2005 Uncle Harry’s moved into a Homebush West purpose-designed factory featuring a 15 pallet freezer, an 8 pallet cool room and a HACCP approved kitchen.



As food service sales increased to—hospitals, universities, and cafes, Chippy’s Frozen Foods began Uncle Harry’s distribution to them.


Then Uncle Harry’s products were licensed by the NSW School Canteen association, Halal and Kosher food authority which were not renewed when sales dropped.


Today, Uncle Harry’s offers 5 shapes and 4 flavour varieties—burgers, steaks, sandwich slices, bites, sub-roll strips, and Mince  in Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Couscous, Famous Original, and Mexicana Chilli flavours.


All oven baked items are ready to heat and create dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, BBQ’s, parties and after school eat-ups.


Our website :  www.natty.com.au