60 meal sampler pack $112

Product Code: Box 2 Steaks 120g/each 2/pack
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A health way to enjoy a variety of Natty Patty before deciding which ones are your favours. To see all the fine products and the 60 sample meal pack click the picture at the left and see details of burgers, steaks, bites and the special bonus, 2 free packs of mince.  All products are oven baked.


18   BURGERS, 1 pack 6x100g  Burgers  each :  

         Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Famous Original                                                 18 meals       $42

12   STEAKS  2x120g/pack    3 packs/ each:   Mushroom;   Famous Original       12 meals       $30

40   BITES  2/500g Packs  Sweet Potato;   1 500g pack each Mushroom, 

       500g Famous Original(Total  80 Bites, 3 Bites/meal=27 meals)  $40

 3  MINCE  2/500g packs Famous Original,  (3 Meals) (Value $10)      Free

                                                 S/Total                $112

                                                   P&H                 Free

                                                    Total                  $112


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